<div id="noframefix"> <h1>TMR, ARoTMM, IFToMM</h1> <p><b>WHO ARE US.1-WE WERE T M M (MECHANISMS AND MACHINES THEORY), AND NOW WE ARE T M R (MECHANISMS AND ROBOTS THEORY) CHAIR,2-WE ARE THE FOUNDER OF A R o T M M (ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION ON MACHINES AND MECHANISMS THEORY),3-WE ARE ONE OF THE 13 FOUNDERS OF IFToMM (</b></p> <p>Please <a href="http://arotmm.blogspot.com">Click here</a> to visit <a href="http://arotmm.blogspot.com"><b>TMR, ARoTMM, IFToMM</b></a> site</p> </div>